DC Check Sheet

Favorable And Unfavorable Conditions

Some situations may make a skill easier or harder to use, resulting in a bonus or penalty to te skill modifier for a skill check or a change to the DC of the skill check.

The chance of success can be altered in four ways to take into account exceptional circumstances.

  1. Give the skill user a +2 circumstance bonus to represent conditions that improve performance, such as having the perfect tool for the job, getting help from another character (see Combining Skill Attempts), or possessing unusually accurate information.
  2. Give the skill user a -2 circumstance penalty to represent conditions that hamper performance, such as being forced to use improvised tools or having misleading information.
  3. Reduce the DC by 2 to represent circumstances that make the task easier, such as having a friendly audience or doing work that can be subpar.
  4. Increase the DC by 2 to represent circumstances that make the task harder, such as having an uncooperative audience or doing work that must be flawless.

Conditions that affect your character’s ability to perform the skill change the skill modifier. Conditions that modify how well the character has to perform the skill to succeed change the DC.
A bonus to the skill modifier and a reduction in the check’s DC have the same result: They create a better chance of success. But they represent different circumstances, and sometimes that difference is important.

DC Checks

Difficulty DC Example
Easy 15 Only somepony terrible at this skill
Medium 20 A specialist should have no trouble with this other could fail without help
Difficult 25 specialists can have problems with this others may wanna step back
Expert 30 If you aren’t a specialist let someone show you how its done
Master 35 A hardcore specialist with freaky knowledge of the subject you can handle this on a good day
Grand master 40 Two words Sonic Rainboom add four more On A Good Day

Conversation Checks

There is almost always a time for conversations and combat is not always the answer in fact many times it can be avoided unless something is interfering with the normal harmony of Equestria. The argument can have from -3 to 10 bonus to the persuasion of the target.

Pinkie Promise

If a pinkie promise is broken be prepared for divine intervention. A roll of 1d4 by the person who has broken the promise and the person who the person has broken the promise to shall decide the fate of the victim meanie mean McLiar pants who broke the pinkie promise.
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DC Check Sheet

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